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CAS 360 Product Update Release – September 2021

By September 16, 2021CAS 360, Product Updates

Hello all and welcome to Spring! We have another BIG CAS 360 update for you!

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What's New in CAS 360?

Compliance Tab - Trusts

The Compliance tab which manages all your AML and CDD data has been added to all CAS 360 Trusts. 

Trusts now have all four stages of the compliance tab, allowing you to fully manage all your important AML requirements for all your trusts. 

Best of all where you have a contact involved in companies and trusts the information will be able to be shared across different entity types.  

Compliance Tab - Individuals

The individuals compliance tab has also been updated, users are now able to upload additional attachments to each individual record. Users can also now download any document that is attached in the compliance tab. 

Minutes and Resolutions

Next, we have made some big improvements to our minutes and resolutions. Share and Unit transactions now show more information about each transaction, including effective dates. We have also added thousands separator commas to all Director, Trustee, Member and Unit holder minutes / resolutions. Share and Unit certificates have also been improved. 

File Upload Security

Security is an important part of all software applications these days and CAS 360 is no exception, we have now added system wide file scanning on all uploaded documents. From this update, every uploaded file will be virus scanned, and you will be notified if the document is marked suspicious.

Report Improvements

Reports have been updated with the People group report now showing more trust relationship information, the Address Usage report now showing all addresses, with the ability to filter the new address types. The Companies Listing report options are now dynamic to your firm’s data (i.e options that are not relevant won’t be shown)

User Interface Improvements

Last and certainly not least we have made a number of interface changes to improve how CAS 360 works. 

Now all screens that have a table (Company, Documents, Annual Reviews etc.) have a sticky header. This means that as we scroll down the page, the headings will stay visible, this is a great improvement. 

We have also redesigned the company notes screens in company selection with a new modern look, and also the SMS messages conversation box has been updated with a fresh new look.


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