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CAS 360 Product Update Release – October 2021

By October 28, 2021CAS 360, Product Updates

Hello all and welcome to the spooky season! It’s almost Halloween and we have another BIG CAS 360 update full of delicious treats for you!

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What's New in CAS 360?

Compliance Alerts

We have been working on these for a long time and they have finally arrived. Now CAS 360 will automatically show you alerts relating to all your companies and trusts and their CDD/AML requirements.

CAS 360 now checks all of your AML and CDD requirements and will show you an alert when:

  • Compliance documents are required
  • When a compliance review is required by the compliance officer
  • When an identity document is about to expire
  • Or when there are multiple instances of the above.

When you hover over the alert you will see all the necessary information that you need to proceed, including a full breakdown of the compliance requirements for that company or trust.

The power of CAS 360 comes into its own when you have a contact linked across multiple companies and trusts. Because CAS 360 is super smart, when you add an identity document or complete an identity verification, this applies to all companies and trusts that person is connected to. This means your AML / CDD compliance is quicker and more automated than could ever be possible on a spreadsheet.

Digital signing improvements

We have also added some great new features for clients who have CAS 360 integrated with our Digital Signing partners. Now when preparing any set of documents in CAS 360, you can set that all signatories receive the signed document pack once it has been signed by all signatories. This is an option that is controlled by you as the preparer.

Also, for those that have an account with more than one digital signing provider or are in the process of transitioning from one provider to another we have now added support for multiple signing providers connected to CAS 360 at the same time.

Company shareholder and trust unitholder registers

Next up is a whole new way of preparing Company Shareholder and Trust unitholder registers, we have built a beautiful MS Excel export of these registers. We know how much you all love a good spreadsheet. CAS 360 now allows you to export these holdings and filter, sort or organise to your heart’s content.

Plus, so much more!

There is so much more in this update, we have added version 2 of our document management APIs for those that have your documents integrated. We have a new trust relationship position in Alternate Appointer, we have improved the support call widget to show localised New Zealand help articles, improved the Company screen hovers so they are less sensitive, added new merge fields for addresses and capital.



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