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How CAS 360 turned 2 days work into 30 minutes.

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Upshot provides total accounting and business solution packages to approximately 500 clients. Jill – Upshot Director – is a satisfied CAS 360 user who wanted to share the key benefits CAS 360 brought to her firm and her experience with us.

Fabulous products and wonderful forward thinking management.

Tracey AmottGreenview Accounting Group

My experience with BGL has been really great with very helpful staff members and clear manual instructions!

Andrew CorrellJonathan Hooper Chartered Accountant

Tell ya what, BGL have unleashed a game-changer in the CorpSec software field with CAS 360 SMS correspondence reminder options! Tested today to myself and cannot wait to present internally at work and roll out over time!

Laneth SffarlennWilliam Buck (VIC) Pty Ltd

I’m happy that we moved to CAS 360. Not only are our lives so much easier, but the team’s productivity is improved, and clients are getting a better service. If you’re still thinking about moving your SMSF clients over, don’t be afraid, it will serve you and your clients well.

Christine BensonSMSF Accountant at Poole Group

We switched over to BGL after we spoke to BGL at Xerocon 2016 and although it was a bit of a learning curve, we are loving it. I don't know how we would have made it through the Super changes in 2017 without BGL.

Craig BruceAccountant at RAQ Pty Ltd

Fantastic job with the development of CAS 360. Has been a God send!

Nicole LynchMoore Stephens

I am loving CAS 360. With the functionality you guys are continually adding it is becoming easier to use. Preparing documents are a cinch.

Stefanie JenkinBM & Y Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers

This online software is so damn good it literally runs itself.....the help menus are awesome, notifications are sensational, integration with actuaries etc fantastic, support is second to none, reports are very good, time-saving is just great..... and I bet I have only used a smidgen of its capabilities! You legends should really consider using BGL360 as a template for building an accounting based software as there is nothing like this out there. Too Good. BGL = Bloody Great Legends!

David MomirovicVDM & Thorn Pty Ltd

I love this product (CAS 360). I don't have a handle on everything yet, but I'm learning.

Karen WarrenClear Path Accounting

Will CAS 360 work for your needs?