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How CAS 360 turned 2 days work into 30 minutes.

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, Upshot provides total accounting and business solution packages to approximately 500 clients. Jill – Upshot Director – is a satisfied CAS 360 user who wanted to share the key benefits CAS 360 brought to her firm and her experience with us.

How CAS 360 helped Rise Accountants save time and become more efficient!

Rise Accountants is a cloud-based firm that uses quite a number of apps, requiring a great level of integration. Before using CAS 360, Bill had to spend a significant amount of time manually updating data from one app to another due to the lack of integration in the compliance product used within the Firm.

CAS 360 Withers Tsang Case Study, Photo of Nick Ashford

How CAS 360 enabled Withers Tsang to optimise their staff structure and performance.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Withers Tsang is renowned for their knowledge around property investment and development, their expertise extends to tax structuring, compliance, business and asset planning, succession planning, IRD liaison and more. Nick – Partner at Withers Tsang – shares how he and his team have been able to optimise their staff structure and performance since transitioning to CAS 360.

CAS 360 dramatically reduced the amount of time Business One spend on processing.

Prior to making the transition to CAS 360, Business One Limited struggled with legacy systems, a lack of automation, integration and not having a centralised source of truth. John – Chartered Accountant & Business Development Specialist at Business One – knew they needed a much simpler solution – and they found that in CAS 360.

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